Perfectly Cool Treats You Need on a Hot Summer Day

Perfectly Cool Treats You Need on a Hot Summer Day

Hot summer days call for cool, refreshing treats to munch on wherever you may be—on the beach, in your Topsail beach rental, or on the go. Today we’ve rounded up some of the easiest and tastiest foods to munch on this summer whether you’re at home or on vacation. These recipes are sure to please and there’s something for everyone and every palate. Best of all, they can all be made right in your Topsail vacation rental kitchen. Here are our favorite cool summer snacks and the recipes you need to make them.

Cool Homemade Dips

Cool Homemade Dips

Skip the store-bought dips and opt for a more delicious—and more healthy— version of your favorites. These yummy dips are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients that are filling while being kind to your waistline.

Serve them with raw veggie sticks (carrot, celery and even broccoli and cauliflower all work well), or cut up a wholemeal tortilla/slice of flatbread into ‘chips’ and lightly toast under the broiler for 5 minutes for a healthy alternative to the potato and corn variety.

Take a peek at these 7 delicious low fat dips and whip up a few this summer.

Cool Cucumber Slice Sandwiches

Cool Cucumber Slice Sandwiches

There’s nothing like the crisp coolness of a fresh cucumber. And summertime always offers up an abundance of these tasty, healthy snacks whether you have them in your own garden, buy them at the local farmers’ market, or pick some up at the grocery store.

So how about a cool, crisp cucumber sandwich?

Who needs bread when you can use slices of cuke. Brilliant, really. These snack-sized sandwiches can be filled with your favorite lunch meat and cheese and are sure to be a family favorite. Just remember that if you plan to make these little darlings ahead of time, to keep all of the elements separate until you’re ready to eat them so they don’t get soggy. The crunch is very necessary!

You don’t really need a recipe for this one, but here’s more about how best to make and enjoy these Sliced Cucumber Sandwiches.

Personal Veggie & Dip Cups

Personal Veggie & Dip Cups

Veggies and dip are nothing new, but novelty is the key ingredient here. Instead of a huge platter of raw vegetables with a community bowl of dip, try something a little different—personalized veggie and dip cups.

Kid-friendly crudite means that your family will be getting their fill of fresh vegetables without the fuss. Choose their favorite dip and a few of their most loved veggies (and sneak in a few new or unfamiliar ones) and put it all in a small, single-serving size cup. You can be fancy and choose glass or keep it simple and choose to use disposable ones (which is obviously the best choice for a beach snack).

You just might be amazed at how much your kids eat all thanks to the novelty of how it’s presented to them. Parenting win!

You can read more about these Personal Veggie & Dip Cups and how to make your own quick dip here, too.

Pioneer Woman’s Frozen Fruit Cups

Pioneer Woman’s Frozen Fruit Cups

The Pioneer Woman never steers you wrong! So it’s not surprise that her take on fruit cups is an absolute crowd pleaser. Everyone loves fruit cups anyway, but go ahead and take them up to another level of coolness (literally and figuratively) by serving them frozen.

They make a perfectly cool snack, a healthy summertime dessert, and even a refreshing breakfast alternative that is boldly colorful and wildly fun to eat.

You can find the Pioneer Woman’s Frozen Fruit Cup Recipe right here.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen Fruit

You know what they say: the simplest things are often the best things in life. This simple snack is cold, crunchy, satisfying and healthy. All you really need is fruit and a freezer, so it doesn’t get much easier than that.  The fruit lasts longer this way, too, and makes a quick, portable snack for your beach days or any day you’re on the go.

The technique is pretty straightforward.

  • If you’re using grapes, just pull them off the vine. If you’re using watermelon, pineapple or any other larger sized fruit, cut them into bite sized pieces. If you’re using berries, well, you don’t have to do much of anything other than rinse them.
  • Pop them in a zip-top bag with enough space so the fruit can lay in a single layer.
  • Throw the bag in the freezer, flattening it out so the fruit doesn’t stick to each other in a clump.
  • Freeze for 2 hours, or more.

You’re welcome! We were reminded of how simply delicious and totally refreshing frozen fruit can be from this Frozen Grapes snack idea.

Minty Cucumber Water

Minty Cucumber Water

It’s summertime so that means you should be drinking a lot of water anyway to stay hydrated on these hot, sunny beach days. Instead of plain old water, though, we recommend that you flavor it up a bit and make it even more refreshing—and much more flavorful.

Minty Cucumber Water is just what you need to keep cool and hydrated all summer long. Finely slice a small cucumber and add to a large jug of iced water or sparkling water. Add 1/2 cup of finely chopped mint leaves. The delicate flavor of cucumber seeps in, offering a refreshing alternative to plain water.

Frozen Yogurt Drops

Frozen Yogurt Drops

Maybe you’re old enough to remember those candy dots that came on sheets of wax paper, or maybe you’re not. Either way, these yogurt drops are reminiscent of that classic favorite, but happen to be a lot healthier. They definitely make for a fun beach vacation snack.

The kids are going to love eating these—and can help you make them, too.

All you need to do for these Frozen Yogurt Drops is mix together a cup of your favorite Greek yogurt with 2 tbsp honey. Divide between 3 bowls and add a different food coloring to each. Pour into a zip lock bag and snip a corner off. Pipe little drops of yogurt onto a lined baking tray and freeze until firm. Store in zip locks bags and store in the freezer to nibble on as required. Easy, fabulous, kid-friendly and family-approved!

Yogurt and Granola Trifle

Yogurt and Granola Trifle

Is it a breakfast or is it a dessert? We’ll leave it up to you to decide! It can go either way in our opinion, and it also makes a perfectly acceptable after-beach snack to help you cool down after a hot day on the sand.

In a small trifle bowl (that’s recommended, but you can even do it in individual servings if you prefer) layer the fruit, granola and yogurt in two layers, starting with the fruit on the bottom then granola followed by yogurt. Chill for fifteen minutes or up to a few hours, and then serve.

You can make your own granola pretty easily or just buy some readymade for convenience. Either way, you’ll want to try this Yogurt and Granola Trifle Recipe this summer.

Frozen Candy Bars

Frozen Candy Bars

Sure you’ve eaten candy bars. Who hasn’t? But have you ever tried a frozen candy bar? Well, you should. It’s a satisfying summer treat that only requires you to buy your favorite candy bar and put it in the freezer. The result is a cold, crunchy snack that is a nice juxtaposition to the usual chewy satisfaction of a room-temperature candy bar.

So go ahead and try it and see how you like it. If you’re interested, there are opinions on which candy bars are better eaten frozen.

No-Bake Cookie Dough Pops

No-Bake Cookie Dough Pops

Cookie dough on a stick? Oh yeah! We’re in! You also had us at “no bake”.

These cookie dough pops are a fun and tasty no-bake summer snack. They’re perfect for a vacation treat, for parties and other special occasions—and they make a fabulous addition to kids’ lunch boxes. The cookie dough is made with no eggs, so it’s perfectly safe to eat.

The pictured cookie dough pops above were coated with milk chocolate, white chocolate, and peanut butter candy melt coatings. Use your favorite coating flavors and colors, or use almond bark. Decorate the pops with sprinkles, more mini chocolate chips, finely chopped nuts, or colored sugars. The options are endless, really.

The additional non-food items you’ll need are pretty minimal:

  • 18 to 20 lollipop sticks
  • 1 square or round piece of styrofoam (for drying the lollipops)
You can find the complete No-Bake Cookie Dough Pops Recipe here.

Frozen Lemonade Pie

Frozen Lemonade Pie

What’s better than summertime lemonade? Frozen lemonade pie, of course.

This simple summertime lemonade pie is made with a 3-ingredient filling (yes, only three!) and a graham cracker crust. This version is made with sweetened condensed milk, but you can also make it with ice cream.

All you need to do is beat together the lemonade and condensed milk, fold in whipped topping, spread the mixture in the graham cracker pie crust, then cover and freeze. Take the pie out of the freezer about 15 minutes before serving time and you’re good to go. Super yum!

You can find the Refreshing Frozen Lemonade Pie Recipe here.


So, who’s hungry? And what are you making first? We hope you enjoy these cool treats! Let us know your favorite. 

Perfectly Cool Treats You Need on a Hot Summer Day

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth on Topsail Island


There’s no better end to a day at the beach (or any day, really!) than with some sweet treats at these locally loved dessert spots on Topsail Island. Whether you want a cool treat after a hot summer day or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth, Topsail Island has it all.

We’ve rounded up our favorite sweet spots all along the island. There’s always a delicious dessert place right nearby your Topsail beach vacation rental, whether you’re staying in North Topsail Beach, Surf City or Topsail Beach.

Here are the best Topsail ice cream shops, bakeries, and other dessert destinations you don’t want to miss during your next Topsail beach vacation. Which ones have you been to and where is your favorite place for something sweet? We want to know!

Best Dessert Places in North Topsail Beach

Bada Bing Original Italian Ice & Ice Cream

Bada Bing serves up premium Italian Ice and Ice Cream at their shop located conveniently at the North Topsail Beach Town Park on New River Inlet Rd. Come enjoy hiking trails, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball and a children’s playground while you’re here. There is also a kayak launch, piers with gazebos and picnic pavilions for relaxing. Don’t forget to look for their red mobile push carts serving refreshing Italian Ice​​ directly on the beach in North Topsail. Yum yum!

Topsail Treats

Located at 2000 New River Inlet Road in Building 2, Topsail Treats offers Hershey’s Ice Cream in a variety of flavors you and your family are sure to love. Banana Pudding, Moose Tracks and Salty Caramel are popular favorites! You can’t beat the friendly service, either. Stop by for a cool treat next time you’re in NTB.

Best Dessert Places in Surf City

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

So let’s start with the name. Fractured Prune Doughnuts is named after the spunky Prunella Shriek, known as “Fractured Prunella” for the broken bones she suffered competing in traditionally men’s sports even into her 70s. Fractured Prune Doughnuts celebrates her legacy with a doughnut as individual as the person ordering it! Apparently there are 155,648 different combinations of doughnut awesomeness available at the varying stores offering 19 glazes and 13 toppings—and that doesn’t even include their limited-time offer glazes and toppings. Bottom line, Fractured Prune offers some tasty possibilities. You can find Surf City’s Fractured Prune Doughnut location at 303 S Topsail Drive. They’re hot, hand-dipped and made to order!

The Daily Grind Coffee, Donuts & Ice Cream

You can find a little bit of everything sweet, savory and all things tasty at the Daily Grind, where everything is made even better accompanied by a good cuppa joe! Fresh Hot Donuts, Espresso, Specialty Coffees, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Lattes, Iced Lattes, Health Smoothies, Frappes, Bagels, Muffins, Cakes & Ice Cream and more all served up happily and speedily. They’re located off the island in the Surf City Gateway Plaza Shopping Center next to Surf City BBQ and on the island right across the street from Domino’s Pizza at 208 N. New River Drive.

Sugar Island Bakery

You must check out this wholesale and special order bakery specializing in all things fresh and delicious. There’s a curated collection of NC beer, used and new books, jewelry and the most excellent coffee too. Located at 206 N. Topsail Drive, stop by and bring a few things back to your Topsail vacation rental to enjoy during your stay. You’ll probably be back for more before your vacay is over.

Island Crush

Island Crush is the place for cool treats and good times, conveniently located at 205 Roland Avenue. Who doesn’t love a refreshingly cool and satisfying Italian Ice? Mmmm, mmmm good. Locally owned and operated coupled with friendly service, you’re in for a real treat. Word on the street is that the Coco Diablo, snow cream and cotton candy flavors are to die for! Find your favorite next time you’re on the island and let us know what it is.

Island Delights

Island Delights has good food all around, but did you know that they have 22 flavors of hand dipped ice cream plus soft serve, your favorite shakes, sundaes, floats, banana splits, hot fudge brownie delights, cones and much more? Oh they do! Of course your visit to Island Delights is never complete until you enjoy your favorite Oldies on one of two vintage jukeboxes. (If your kids have no idea what a jukebox even is, that’s reason enough to come here.) Try your favorite treat at Island Delights, where eating is fun! You can find them at 316 N. New River Drive.

Beach Bunny Ice Cream

Kids and kids-at-heart love this ice cream  shop and arcade. Adults love the coffee, too. There’s good food, a family-friendly atmosphere, lively entertainment, and movies for all to enjoy. Families appreciate the reasonable prices and kid-friendly fun. Don’t miss their daily specials! You can find Beach Bunny Ice Cream right on 501 Roland Avenue.

Snow Factory

Up your ice cream game at the Snow Factory in Surf City which specializes in Thai ice cream with exquisite flair. This ice cream shop gets our vote for the coolest and most unique creamy creations. Here you’ll find fresh ice cream made right in front of you in flavors you won’t find elsewhere and presented in a way you won’t soon forget. The inside of the shop is filled with post it notes on all of the walls (and some on the ceiling) written by customers. We love it! You can find the Snow Factory  at 124B North New River Drive. In the meantime, check out the Snow Factory’s menu.

Pelican’s SnoBalls

Come on over to this dessert shop  for a delicious SnoBall at the beach! It’s just as it sounds: a giant ball of snow flavored to perfection. Fair warning, they’re addictive! There are flavors for every palate and they even have some specially made for your pup. They offer sugar-free options, too. Come check it out at 116B S. Shore Drive and find your favorite flavor.

Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries

You may already know about Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries in Surf City. They bring a fresh All-American diner experience with never-frozen burgers, sliced cheesesteaks piled high on steamed hoagies, and more. But did you know that they make frozen custard in-house every day? They sure do. Founded in Eastern North Carolina in 1991, Hwy 55 has a commitment to authentic hospitality and fresh food. Lunch and dinner is grilled in an open-air kitchen, and they serve you at your table with a smile. But just be sure to save room for dessert.

Locals Ice Cream Shop

Stop by the Locals Ice Cream Shop on 106 N. New River Drive located a block away from the Surf City, North Carolina pier. They open early and close late so it’s always a good time to pay a visit here. It’s locally owned and operated, so you know you’re supporting Topsail Island’s small businesses.

Best Dessert Places in Topsail Beach

Beach Shop & Grille

You probably already know about this local favorite if you’ve spent any time in Topsail Beach, NC. At the Beach Shop and Grille they believe in using the best fresh, local ingredients to create rustic, low-country inspired dishes. They have a passion for creating dishes from scratch—including all of their desserts. They go above-and-beyond, making from scratch as many items as possible. So it just makes sense that if you’re looking for a great place for dessert in Topsail Beach, you’d come here. They also do to-go orders and make some totally delicious and refreshing milkshakes, orangeades, and Mexican cokes. So good! You can find them at 701 S. Anderson Boulevard.

Sonny’s Snack and Craft Shop

Sometimes you just want to stop by for a quick treat. Sonny’s Snack and Craft Shop is located right under the Topsail Beach Skating Rink at 714 S. Anderson Boulevard. They serve ice cream, snowballs, hot and cold drinks, and other assorted snacks. While you’re here check out the handcrafted wooden art, paintings and jewelry.

Quarter Moon Books & Gifts

You might not think of a gift shop as a place to stop for a sweet treat, but you should when you’re visiting Topsail Island. Quarter Moon Books & Gifts has a pretty extensive coffee bar that serves up delicious coffee-infused smoothies, as well as your more traditional fruity favorites like piña colada, mango, raspberry, peach, lemonade and more. Check out the full drink menu right here and then plan to stop by next time you’re in Topsail Beach.

Patio Playground

The Patio Playground is a Topsail Beach family favorite in so many ways. This Topsail Island original offers a 1955 Retro Putt-Putt 18 hole Golf Course experience with what some say is Topsail’s Best Ice Cream Shop serving up Hershey’s, Maola, Haagan Daz and Custard. Along with all of that, they have family-size surreys and bike rentals, two air-conditioned arcades, music and a DJ too. Whew, there goes your day! Put it on your Topsail to-do list next time you’re here. They’re at 807 S. Anderson Boulevard in Topsail Beach.


So as you can see, you have so many options for sweet treats during your Topsail beach vacation. The hardest part is deciding which one to choose. So the question is: Where are you going to go first? Maybe you should just start with whichever one is closest to your Topsail vacation rental and go from there. Enjoy!


Did we miss any awesome dessert spots on the island? If so, let us know!